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Good reading

     Home School Court Report:  The Mar./Apr., 2010, issue of The Home School Court Report ( www.hslda.org ) from Home School Legal Defense Association features a cover article “Seeking Refuge in the Land of Liberty: The Romeikes’ Journey” by Mike Donnelly.  Many homeschoolers in the United States have been following the trials and tribulations of Uwe and Hannalore Romeike who were forced to leave Germany simply because they wanted to homeschool their children and raised up a prayer of thanks to God when Judge Lawrence O. Burman granted them asylum in the U. S.  Of course, did you know that our “family-friendly” Obama administration’s Agency for Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement is using YOUR tax dollars to appeal Judge Burman’s landmark decision, claiming that ‘Germany’s harsh treatment of homeschoolers is merely prosecution, rather than persecution,” while at the same time supporting illegal Hispanic immigrants’ “fast track” to citizenship (because it wants the Hispanic votes).  Donnelly responds, “It is repugnant that ICE, and by extension the U. S. government, would support the German government in its persecution of homeschoolers.”  Whatever happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…”?  And there is a lot of other information of interest to homeschoolers (including an article by Dr. Rodger Sayre on how to treat acne).

     Practical Homeschooling:  The Apr./May/June, 2010, issue (#93) of Practical Homeschooling magazine ( www.home-school.com ) has an great editorial by publisher Mary Pride, “Now, More Than Ever;” Don Aslett’s “Beware of These ‘Biggest’ Lies;” part 2 of Marilyn Molewyk’s “A Whole New Look at Socialization;” and other useful material.

     Home School Enrichment:  The May/June, 2010, issue of Home School Enrichment magazine ( www.HomeSchoolEnrichment.com ) includes articles by Maribeth Spangenberg, “The Box of Education;” by Stacey Posey, “Schooling Through the Summer;” by Christian Overman, “The Missing Curriculum” (about the Christian worldview of work and vocation); by our friend Marc Carrier, “Managing the Family Project;” by Jonathan Lewis, “Thank You, Mom: A Tribute to Homeschooling Moms;” by Katharine Trauger, “Why Do We Quit?”; and by our friend Joanne Calderwood, “The Underwhelmed Homeschooler;” among others.


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