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How long will we continue to stomach what goes on in public schools?

     The following item was reported by One News Now:

4 little words + 1 American flag = ‘offensive’
Becky Yeh – OneNewsNow California correspondent – 5/12/2010

     A 7th-grade teacher in California has criticized a 13-year-old student for writing "God bless America" across her drawing of the American flag — one more reason, says a conservative activist, why parents should remove their children from public school.

     Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, notes that this situation provides more proof that "government schools are not godly schools."

     "It’s another sad example of why concerned parents need to do what’s necessary to get their children out of government-run schools and into the safe havens of home-schooling and solid church schools," he comments.

     Taryn Hathaway’s drawing pictured the American flag with the statements "God Bless America," "One nation under God," and "In God We Trust" written across and around the flag. The middle-school Salinas student was told she could not draw the flag because it was "offensive," yet the instructor went on to praise another student’s drawing of President Obama.

     Tracy Hathaway, the mother of the 13-year-old student, is shocked over the teacher’s reaction. She contends that her daughter did nothing wrong and believes she was merely exercising her rights.

     "My daughter wasn’t trying to break any rules, and she wasn’t trying to create a scene," Hathaway shared with Fox Radio. "She was just expressing her view and saying, ‘This is America, and I want God to bless it.’"

     The Hathaway family met with the teacher, questioning why Taryn’s drawing was insulting. But having received no reply, Tracy Hathaway told KSBW that a simple "heart-felt apology’ from the teacher is all she wants.

     Another meeting is scheduled with the teacher this week, so an apology may be forthcoming.


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