Florida College, 119 N. Glen Arven Ave., Temple Terrace, FL, just outside of Tampa, is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher education that is founded on Biblical principles.  I attended there when it was only a junior college with an additional four-year certificate.  It is now a bachelor-degree granting institution, although it still offers an associate degree for those who want it.  Though it sits in the shadow of enormous government-run state universities, large community colleges, and well-known private institutions, its small campus and enrollment hovering around 500 draw little attention to the school which largely escapes the notice of newspapers and local politicians.  Students, whether they study art, literature, politics, world events, the sciences, or whatever, are presented with a worldview that is grounded in the timeless truth of God’s creation and God’s word.  The school stands against the moral turbulence and tidal extremes of our relentlessly changing world, unapologetically holding to the fundamental principles of God’s sovereignty and the unchanging truth of His word.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, this has consequences.  Two of their largest matching gift corporate donors, IBM and GE (now remember, these are not outright grants to the college, but only promised gifts matching those from people who work for these companies and contribute to Florida College), recently withdrew their support of Florida College.  GE wrote, “Our records indicate that your organization was rejected due to the following discriminatory information found on your website: ‘Homosexuality is not acceptable.’”  IBM said, “Your organization must not advocate, support, or practice activities inconsistent with IBM’s non-discrimination policies…based on…gender identity or expression, sexual orientation.”  They want diversity, UNLESS it is diverse from their promotion of homosexuality.  They promote tolerance, EXCEPT they will not tolerate those who differ with them on the subject of sexual orientation.  The college replies, “The loss of revenue from these two companies alone amounts to thousands of dollars every year that the school will never see again….Our dedication to God’s standard of moral conduct will not prove popular with companies whose principles are morally relative and politically motivated.  We don’t need—we don’t want—the support of the IBMs and GEs of this world who make financial donations contingent on moral compromise.”  AMEN!!!!!  It is amazing how INTOLERANT those who claim that our society needs more tolerance can really be.

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