Imprimus is a wonderful free monthly publication of Hillsdale College ( ); it is not about homeschooling, but it contains speeches made by some of the leading conservative thinkers of our time that would be excellent resources to go with “social studies” curricula for homeschoolers.  The Oct., 2009, issue contains a speech by John Bolton, former Undersecretary of State and U. S. Representative to the United Nations, about Barack Obama as the “first post-American president.”  He said, “More broadly, the Obama administration believes that its predecessor didn’t negotiate enough on issues like the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  The president has said repeatedly—starting with his Inaugural Address—that the United States must hold out its hand to countries like North Korea and Iran in the hopes that they will unclench their fist and enter into negotiation.  This reflects a curious view of history, since in fact the Bush administration negotiated directly or indirectly with Iran and North Korea for six-and-a-half years.  But more importantly, it reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of negotiation.  Negotiation is not a policy.  It is a technique.  It is a way of achieving our objectives.  It doesn’t tell us what the objectives are.  The emphasis on negotiation as an end in itself reflects a shallowness in this administration’s approach to international affairs, and gives us little confidence that our interests will be well served.”  Concerning North Korea, he said, “The North Koreans have been very successful over the years in using negotiations to leverage economic and political concessions.  They’ve even been happy to pledge to give up nuclear weapons—five times by my count, over the past 18 years.  But of course they never carry through.”  The concerning Iran he said, “Indeed, there is now at least anecdotal evidence that the regime in Tehran saw the Obama administration as so eager for negotiations that it would overlook any harsh steps Iran might take internally.  So in response to the administration’s friendly overtures, the mullahs in Tehran conducted a grossly fraudulent presidential election on June 12 and have spent the subsequent months repressing their opponents.”  My opinion is that, while Bolton does not make this comparison, I would think that the West would learn from the attempt to appease Hitler that you simply cannot "negotiate" with evil.  Students studying American history and government need to get this perspective that they would probably never get in public schools.

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