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Home School Enrichment Magazine

     The Nov./Dec., 2009, issue of this wonderful bi-monthly magazine ( www.HomeSchoolEnrichment.com ) has a number of really good articles, such as Naomi Musch’s “Remembering the Cost of Homeschooling” (she says of remembering the spiritual cost, “We are not exclusionists, nor do we have the idea that we will somehow shield our kids from all the evils of the world, but we believe we can best battle those evils from our own home fronts”—AMEN!); Part 2 of Marvin G. Baker’s “Raising a Creative Child;” “29 Wonderful Books to Enjoy with Your Family This Holiday Season;”  Hal and Melanie Young’s “Who’s His Hero?”; articles by homeschool graduates such as Jonathan Lewis’s “Thankful for Homeschooling” (he says, “Some have suggested that homeschooling is a regressive movement because we seek to keep education centered around the nucleus of the traditional family rather than accepting the progression toward a more complex society.  Home Education, they suggest, is reminiscent of more primitive, less organized cultures.  Those of us who embrace homeschooling are either reluctant to give up the past and move into the modern age or are trying to reclaim something that has slipped away.  Although I disagree that homeschooling is regressive, I do agree that we’re trying to reclaim something.  We’re trying to reclaim our families, our spirit of togetherness, and our traditional values.  We’re trying to reassemble the fragments of a society splintered into a thousand pieces through the breakdown of he basic family unit.  Yes, we’re trying to reclaim something.  Some things are worth reclaiming because they have great value and never should have been lost in the first place” (again, AMEN!), and Felicia Alvarez’s “Grandma’s Time;” Hannah Glenn’s “The Makings of a Homeschooler;” Melanie Hexter’s “Evaluating the Options: Support Groups, Co-ops, and More;” Christine Field’s new “Homeschool Legal Minute” column on “Basics for Record Keeping;” and “Mom Time With Kari” Lewis on “The Lesson of the Ivory Brooch;” among others.

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