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I thought that this was interesting

     A Jan. 28, 2009, report from Time Magazine headlined, "Virginia Parents Fight for Easier Grading Standards" told how residents of the high-powered Washington suburb ofVirginia’s Fairfax County have been battling the district’s tough grading practices; chief among their complaints is that scoring a 93 gets recorded as a lowly B+. After forming an official protest group last year called Fairgrade and goading the school board into voting on whether to ease the standards, parents marshaled 10,000 signatures online and nearly 500 in-person supporters to help plead their case on Jan. 22. After two hours of debate, the resolution passed, a move critics consider a defeat in the war on grade inflation. At most schools in the U.S., a 90 earns you an A, but in Fairfax County, getting the goods demands a full 94. Merely passing is tougher, too, requiring a 64 rather than a 60. The reason for demanding the changes, protestors say, is that Fairfax kids are at a disadvantage on multiple fronts: snagging good-driver insurance discounts (which often factor in GPA), earning NCAA eligibility, winning merit scholarships, and – oh, yeah – getting into college. Thankfully, we homeschoolers, with all our other problems, at least do not have to worry about these kinds of things. But, now that I am past 50, I suppose that I should be allowed the privilege of saying, "Now when I was a kid…." And when I was in high school, it was an actual 95 that one had to make in order to be given an A, and (gasp), a 65 in order to pass! Oh well, as we often say, times are certainly different.

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