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While I’m on this subject

     According to news reports, about 400 supporters gathered outside Portland, OR, City Hall to urge Portland’s mayor to stay on the job despite an intensifying political storm over his sexual relationship with a legislative intern nearly four years ago.  Mayor Sam Adams has admitted lying about the affair with the young man to cover it up during last year’s mayoral campaign. His victory made Portland the largest city in the country with an openly gay mayor. The Oregonian and three smaller Portland newspapers have called for his resignation, but supporters rallied on his behalf throughout the day Friday. Many attending the rally hoisted homemade signs with messages that included "Portland Can Forgive" and "Sam Is Human." Oregon Attorney General John Kroger has agreed to investigate whether Adams committed any crime. City commissioners, the police chief and the local district attorney asked for the probe. Earlier this week, the 45-year-old Adams admitted having sex with a legislative intern who was 17 when they met. About 20 Portland arts, business and "gay" leaders spoke Friday at a news conference that included a statement from filmmaker Gus Van Sant, who has been nominated for an Academy Award for Milk, his film about the slain San Francisco gay-rights leader and politician Harvey Milk. In the statement, Van Sant criticized Adams but also offered support. "Portland didn’t elect Adams to resign at the first sign of controversy," said Dave Terry, a friend of Van Sant who read the statement at the news conference. "He was elected to do a big job." Editor’s note: It seems that Democrats, and especially homosexuals, can get away with just about anything and will have throngs of people lined up to support them no matter what. But let a straight Republican be involved in a scandal and it’s tar and feather him and send him packing immediately!

One thought on “While I’m on this subject

  1. Now why would anyone who voted for him want him out since they now know he is a lier and a child molester (kid was under 18)

    I mean really, what has this do with his character?

    Personally, if I lived in Portland, I am not sure if I would be more sick or mad.

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