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Response to suggestions about movies

     Nancy Picogna’s comments about a couple of current PG rated movies from yesterday’s blog provoked some response. Natalie Bishop wrote, "I second Nancy’s thoughts and message here. I listened to the Marley and Me cd (picked up at a Cracker Barrel) on a long trip by myself and was disappointed in the amount of swearing. Based on the book reading, I knew the movie would disappoint. I do want to recommend a movie I got at the library recently which was wonderful for a family movie. (especially girls!) It is a Hallmark movie called Follow the Stars and we all enjoyed it."   Karen Diestelkamp wrote, "Our family recently watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Front of the Class. (Some friends recorded it for us when it was shown on television a few of weeks ago.) We thoroughly enjoyed it and we recommend it. It is based on the real life story of a man now living and teaching school in Georgia. We give it a rating of excellent!"   Wayne Goforth wrote, "Don’t forget that there are the online moivie reviews from a ‘christian’ perspective.  http://www.pluggedinonline.com/movies/movies/a0004412.cfm ."  And charles0322 posted on the blog (see below), "You sure can’t trust them. My sister was watching Beetlejuice from the 80’s and swore she heard the F word. We rewound and sure enough this PG movie had that word! You can not even trust the G movies!!!! Look at Cars from Disney Pixar. While a really great movie, it does have a cussword where he says , ‘Somebody get me out of this Hillbilly H***,’ and there is an attempt at using Christ’s name in vain. At the end one car goes, "Oh, for the love of Chrysler." Depending upon your view of taking the Lord’s name in vain, this was a veiled attempt." I am not a "movie buff," so I have never started doing movie reviews but content myself with book reviews. But I do wish to pass along information that you can use.

3 thoughts on “Response to suggestions about movies

  1. What I love about http://www.pluggedinonline.com is that they go through the basic plot, they list the positives as well as the negatives, things to watch out for and a small review. I like the fact that they do not "talk down" to you. They state the facts and let you make up your own mind about what is good for your family.
    Some families are not as conservative as others. I had a friend suggest a movie that I would not allow my children to watch because of content and while my children are allowed to watch, "Finding Nemo" I have a friend who does not allow it in her home because of what she considers "potty mouth" humor.
    Focus on the Family does a great service to families by putting this together. They also do the same for TV programs, music, and video games. You can find them all on the website.

  2. we watch all of our movies on Clearplay DVD player. It is the best $70 we have spent. All the trash is cut out, and ther movie is made better because of it. Cuts out all sex scenes, profanity, even drug usage. Evry Christian family who loves movies should have it!

  3. I forgot to put the link in there for the player. Clearplay.com You WILL NOT be disappointed! Easy to run, also!

    Melissa J. Mills

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