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FYI about some current movies

     Our friend Nancy Picogna, who is a homeschooling mom in Cullman, AL, reported the following. "Just wanted to share a concern… I was looking up a movie for Laura on Screenit and thought, while I was at it, I’d look at a couple of current movies that are out there that are being portrayed as seemingly ‘innocent’. Before you take your children (or yourselves!) to see Marley and Me or Bedtime Stories, please look carefully over the parent reviews. I certainly don’t want to feed my mind or my children’s minds on the words, phrases, or situations in these films. They are both rated PG and, from what I read, it wasn’t long ago that they would have been rated PG-13. My conclusion is that ‘PG’ isn’t safe anymore (actually, we haven’t trusted the PG rating for a LONG time…)."   It is not the place of this blog to tell you what movies you can and cannot see, just as it is not the goal of the book reviews to tell you what you can and cannot read. However, it is our aim to give as much information as possible so that parents who are trying to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord can make informed choices.

One thought on “FYI about some current movies

  1. You sure cant trust them. My sister was watching "Beetlejuice" from the 80's and swore she heard the F word. We rewound & sure enough this PG movie had that word!

    You can not even trust the G movies!!!! Look at "Cars" from Disney Pixar. While a really great movie, it does have a cussword where he says ,"somebody get me out of this Hillbilly H***" and there is an attempt at using Christ's name in vian. at the end one car goes, "Oh, for the love of Chrysler" Depending upon your view of taking the Lord's name in vain, this was a veiled attempt.

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