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Homeschooling and Politics

     It is increasingly apparent that the homeschooling community has become a significant force in the political realm, and with the 2008 Presidential campaign already in high gear, all kinds of candidates are appealing for the homeschool vote. Unfortunately, I am afraid that we shall see homeschooling families screaming, yelling, and battling with each other over who is the most homeschool-friendly candidate (HSLDA has already entered the fray by endorsing Mike Huckabee; also many homeschoolers are very pro-life and the National Right to Life committee has endorsed Fred Thompson). However, I thought that this was an interesting note. In "An Open Letter to Homeschoolers – Will the Real Homeschool-Friendly Candidate Please Stand Up?" from LewRockwell.com on Dec. 17, 2007, Shana Kluck, a 33 year-old homeschooling mom currently residing in central Alabama with her husband and four children, wrote, "Daily I read a new article about overtures being made to the homeschooling community by prospective presidential nominees. John and Elizabeth Edwards are educating their children at home with the help of a private tutor; so now, supposedly, they can identify with other homeschoolers. I’ve got news for them – that’s not even remotely close to the ‘real’ world of the average homeschooling family." True. Of course, Mrs. Kluck is the national coordinator for Homeschoolers for Ron Paul. All of us will have to examine the candidates carefully, decide who best represents our personal interests, and make our own choices for ourselves.

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