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Practical ways fathers can connect with their children

     And in the Dec., 2007, issue of Biblical Insights (p. 15), Frank Walton of Huntsville, AL, wrote, "Taking home leadership seriously in Scripture will ‘turn the hearts of the fathers to the children’ (Luke 1:17). Busy dads, who want to be the spiritual leader with their children, as God requires (Eph. 6:4), are always looking for ways to grow closer to their families." He quotes from John Trent who observed, "Sometimes we think we need tons of time to make this connection–like regular nights out with each child or weekend camping trips with just Dad and the kids. Dates and camping trips are nice, but it’s actually the little things–done over time and with a loving heart–that loving connet with kids." Frank then notes five ways that fathers can connect with their kids. 1. Daily life conversation. "When you spend time with your kids, whether it is driving to church, at the dinner table, playing catch, or shooting hoops, along the way ask questions….Time together offers just enough distractions for kids to open up about issues on their mind." 2. Be a mail man. "Write some letters…that express your hopes and dreams for what kind of person you pray they will become. Lovingly express your praise and admonitions for their life. When you’re out of town, send them postcards with a loving message." 3. Serve up love. "Bedtime rituals, like discussing the day’s activities or reading together and praying together, give fathers a chance to connect with each child. Ask a simple question like, ‘How did things go today?’ Tell them one thing you appreciate that they did that day." 4. Team up. "Pick chores around the house to do together with your child. The work gets done faster and, more importantly, your children will learn your work ethic." 5. Keep watch. "Pray with your children, as well as pray regularly for them….Prayers said at the breakfast or supper table, or before they go to school or to be, shows we rely on God foremost and that our children are special. Family prayers together help us show them our heart. It will influence them to draw closer to and depend upon God daily."

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