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A Letter to the Superintendent of Schools in Portland, Maine

     Also in the Dec., 2007, issue of Biblical Insights (p. 14), editor Wilson Adams noted, "The Portland, Maine, school board recently passed a bold proposal allowing middle school students as young as age 11 to access a broad range of contraceptives from the school’s health center–without parental notification. This plan obviously makes it easy for young middle school children to have sex and takes away power from the parents. It is yet another sad indication of the direction our nation is heading. As a result, I thought the following letter from Debbie Lanphear [of Bowling Green, KY] was worth sharing." Here is a portion of the letter. "I am a retired director of a residential community corrections facility where we dealt with every kind of problem and family related issue you can imagine. We served our county and state within our program and also served the drug court in our area. Our population was made up of non-violent offenders and misdemeanor cases, property crime offenders, and substance abusers. One of the largest problems we faced was impulse control and personal accountability. The court expected these participants to exhibit self-control in all areas of their life and if not, there were consequences in place to handle the problems that would inevitably arise. They struggled with addictive personalities and I cannot imagine what would have happened within our facility if we had simply handed out birth control and condoms to anyone that requested them….I am no stranger to the problems you face, but I would implore you to furnish these young people with tools that will build their character and personal accountability so they won’t develope the problems that my participants faced….It is unfair and inconsistent for us to pass out condoms and then condemn those who won’t control themselves in our society. Frankly, I want my neighbor, soldier, doctor, lawyer, and politician all to develop more character and personal accountability within their lives so that our children have some real heroes to look up to as opposed to the ‘Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohans’ types that we see so often. I find it sad that we encourage the very same behavior in our young people by giving them a free pass to serve their every whim and then condemn their teen role models like the above mentioned young women for living it out in front of our eyes."

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