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Are some religious leaders missionaries for evolution?

      It may seem a bit strong to call some Christian leaders "missionaries for evolution," but, in fact, leaders in many denominations will make an all-out effort to promote evolution. While some Bible-upholding leaders oppose what they’re doing, their voices are often drowned out. Evolutionists can capitalize on this confusion in the church. Sometimes church leaders are some of their strongest allies! Here’s what the Paleontological Society said in an evolution tract written for the general public: "Many people of faith, including scientists, find no conflict between evolution and their religion; in fact, many religious denominations have issued statements supporting evolution. Science and religion need not conflict." [J. Pojeta D. A. and Springer, "Evolution and the Fossil Record" (Alexandria, Virginia: American Geological Institute, 2001), p. v.] That’s double-talk, of course. It doesn’t work both ways: the only way that the Bible doesn’t conflict with evolution is if religious leaders surrender and compromise the Word of God. You can’t say that God created in six days out of nothing, and then turn around and say that God also created in billions of years, using evolution’s death and suffering before sin. Church leaders, instead, need to return to the sufficiency of Scripture without incorporating humanity’s fallible ideas about the past. (from Answers Weekly; December 15, 2007; e-mail newsletter published by Answers in Genesis, http://www.answersingenesis.org .)

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