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Coming to a public school near you, maybe….

     On Nov. 28, 2007, Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily.com, in an article headlined, "Cross-dressing day sparks school exodus: Parents pull students from district, citing conflicts with biblical rules," wrote, "A public school’s ‘gender-bender’ cross-dressing event, where boys were supposed to dress as girls and girls as boys, has prompted at least dozens, perhaps hundreds, of students to flee the tax-supported institutions in Iowa. Many of the parents apparently are members of the Christ Apostolic Temple in Des Moines, which teaches a biblically based doctrine of rejecting the world’s values….The Des Moines schools are celebrating a centenary, but have lost students this year because of one school’s promotion of cross-dressing… an event which has found sponsorship in other arenas from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which has promoted a school lesson plan for teaching boys and girls to cross-dress. State officials in Des Moines confirmed to WND that at least 80 children whose parents were alarmed by the ‘Gender-Bender Day’ during homecoming week at the city’s East High School have moved their children from the various districts in the area into homeschooling plans. Several parents told WND that the number could be in the hundreds." Barb Heki, a board member for the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators, was ecstatic about the parental response, and said, "I’m just praising God there is a church with so many families that would take a biblical stand and decide that we’re not going to put our children under anti-Christian indoctrination any longer. That’s refreshing and encouraging." An advertisement in a Des Moines newspaper said the event was part of the theme days for the school’s homecoming events. "Tuesday, dress in clothing of the opposite sex for Gender Bender Day," were the instructions. Other days were "Movie Theme Day," and "Spirit Day." However, state officials said the list of 80 students they had reviewed included students from virtually all grades and dozens of schools in several districts, and they had provided information to the church members about their rights and responsibilities should they choose to start a private school, or pursue homeschooling options. The article also cited a Pacific Justice Institute report that in a prior school year, a California school dealt with the same issue. Officials at Adams Middle School in the Bay Area had announced a "gender switch" day. However, the mother of a seventh-grade student became alarmed when she heard that on the last day of the school’s "Spirit Week," students were being encouraged to dress like the opposite sex and parents were given virtually no advance notice from the school. PJI began laying the groundwork to hold the school accountable. In a 180-degree turnaround, the flyers posted about the gender switch day had disappeared by Tuesday morning, and the school confirmed the event had been canceled. Makes me very glad that we have chosen to homeschool!

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