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And what we can expect from some of our presidential candidates

      Yes, the 2008 presidential campaign is already underway. The very morning of the day (928/07) on which I wrote this item, I received a call from Fred Thompson’s campaign asking for support! Well the day before that, Thu., Sept. 27, 2007, Fox News reported, under the headling, "Democratic Candidates Say They’re OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale," that regarding a fairy tale about two princes falling in love sparked a backlash — and a lawsuit — against a teacher and a school last year when it was read to a second-grade class in Massachusetts, the three frontrunners in the Democratic presidential race suggested Wednesday night at their debate in New Hampshire that they’d support reading the controversial book to children as part of a school curriculum. John Edwards, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton were asked by Moderator Tim Russert whether they’d be comfortable having the story — called King & King — read to their children in school. Edwards gave the first and most definitive answer — a resounding and instant "yes, absolutely" — although he added that it "might be a little tough" for second-graders. Obama agreed with Edwards and revealed that his wife has already spoken to his 6- and 9-year-old daughters about same-sex marriage. Clinton said she believes it’s up to parents to decide how to handle such topics, but added that it’s important to teach kids about the "many differences that are in the world." Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, and while most of the Democratic candidates have said they oppose it, they don’t back the legislation to ban it and they apparently think it’s OK to teach elementary-school students about "gay" marriage. Edwards said, "I want my children to understand everything about the difficulties that gay and lesbian couples are faced with every day, the discrimination that they’re faced with every single day of their lives. I suspect my two younger children, Emma Claire, who’s 9, and Jack, who’s 7, will reach the same conclusion that my daughter Cate, who’s 25, has reached — which is, she doesn’t understand why her dad is not in favor of same-sex marriage." The 2004 vice presidential candidate and former North Carolina senator said he doesn’t want to influence his kids’ opinions about the issue. "I don’t want to make that decision on behalf of my children. I want my children to be able to make that decision on behalf of themselves, and I want them to be exposed to all the information, even in — did you say second grade? Second grade might be a little tough, but even in second grade to be exposed to all those possibilities, because I don’t want to impose my view. Nobody made me God." Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is vying for the Republican nomination for president, weighed in afterward with a statement accusing the Democratic candidates of being "out of touch" with America. Some Lexington, MA, parents were livid that a Joseph Estabrook Elementary School teacher read King & King to their second-grade children in class. The tale is about a prince whose mother pressures him to find a princess but who ends up falling in love with and marrying the brother of one of the prospective brides instead. Last year, a judge dismissed a federal lawsuit brought by two sets of parents of students in the class who objected to the introduction of homosexual themes to their 7-year-olds without alerting them first, on the grounds that it was a violation of the state’s sex-education parental notification clause. School officials stood by their decision to teach about different kinds of marriage and said that Massachusetts law requires them to do so. Well, here is another really good reason to homeschool!

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