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Just another reason (#671) to homeschool your children

     According to Bulletin Briefs, Sept., 2007, the Maryland State Board of Education ruled that the right of the state supersedes the rights of parents in teaching children about homosexuality. It said that the "right (of parents) is not absolute. It must bend to the State’s duty to educate its citizens." This ruling means that only a positive view of homosexuality can be taught in classrooms and that the teaching of homosexuality as an accepted and approved lifestyle in Maryland Public Schools can move foreward. This is very important because some professionals believe that the Maryland curriculum could become the model for promoting the homosexual lifestyle in public schools across the nation. This new policy prohibits any unfavorable view of homosexuality from being presented. The Board has been trying to incorporate the promotion of homosexuality into their sex-education classes for some time, but a federal judge overturned a previous attempt because of the curriculum’s expressed hostility toward Christianity. However, in approving the new curriculum, the Board refused to hear arguments from those who oppose the promotion of homosexuality in the classroom. Yes, I know that this happened in Maryland, but it could be coming to a State Board of Education near you!

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