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The National Scholastic Research Service

     (I received the following e-mail on Sept. 4 from Howard Snow, hsnow@sonicfoundry.com ). Please pass this along to others in need. The site is www.nsrs.org and the point of contact is the Editor at nsrseditor@yahoo.com . They deliver daily lesson for the home bound student for pennies a day. Please read on. The National Scholastic Research Service is dedicated to assisting the home school student and parent, as teacher, in facilitating the foundations of knowledge. The National Scholastic Research Service provides lesson plans that cover a broad range of required knowledge in many subject areas. The Lesson Plan Data Base that NSRS provides is built upon the teaching experience and educational knowledge of a dedicated staff of instructors. NSRS is dedicated to providing high-quality resources and services to the home school community. The staff will always be formed of parents/educators with the background and perspective necessary for a thorough understand of the home school landscape. The staff offers daily lesson plans for the student that are insightful, in-depth, and unbiased in order to provide the knowledge skills required in today’s challenging world. The National Scholastic Research Service offers lesson plan assistance through a transformational communication medium that delivers information and shares knowledge for the home school student daily. All the student needs is a computer with Windows Medias Player and access to the internet. The student can then receive reliable lesson plans delivered on-line by an innovative communication tool that provides a human touch to daily instruction anytime and anywhere. The instructor streams into your computer on one side while lesson plan material is coordinate to instructor action on the other side of the screen. Building the needed skills for the future requires an active understanding of a wide range of topics. The National Scholastic Research Service is dedicated to assisting the home school student and parent to develop the ability far beyond the simple calling out of words from a page or the possession of basic vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and inference techniques. The easiest way to learn something new is to associate it with something we already know. Much of the art of teaching is the art of associating what the student needs to learn with what they already know. The student learns most easily when we attach the new to the old. This means the development of a dependence on the diversity of prior knowledge. One can easily learn a broad range of new knowledge if one already knows a lot. The National Scholastic Research Service helps to meet this end. By joining today for only a $10.00 a month fee you can add a human touch to your daily instructor and have much needed assistance daily for difficult topics. Daily class schedule for assist lesson plans is as follows – Monday – History, Tuesday – Science, Wednesday – English, Thursday – Math, Friday – lesson round-up, current events analysis, memory techniques and/or civics.

2 thoughts on “The National Scholastic Research Service

  1. You left a comment on someone's blog that I just read and it really concerns me that you think ( these are your words) " Noah only managed to save himself and his family…". Noah followed his instructions from God !!! He was only to take on board those who believed the words of God and built the Ark. God knew before time who would believe and who wouldn't. Those who did not heed God's Words were to be killed in the flood. The flood was, because of man's sin. The same is going on right now. There are those who choose not to believe the Word of God, and they too will die in their sins. And yes, God already knows who will believe and who will not.

    If you really believe the statement you made, you are fooling yourself at where you must be spiritually. I am concerned for your soul and your family. You have belittled the commandment of God and the obedience of Noah. What must you think of the man of God and his preaching that you are sitting under in your church. Or are you?

  2. I think the anonymous blog commenter must have totally misunderstood what I was saying. There is not much in the comment with which I would disagree. It was certainly NOT my intent to belittle the commandment of God and the obedience of Noah, and I do not think that I did so, although I am sorry that however I said it the reader must have come away with that wrong impression. I certainly believe that Noah was following God's instructions and that he did exactly what God wanted him to do. The purpose of my comment was to encourage people to keep on speaking the truth even though it may appear that no one is listening or responding. Cannot you imagine that there must have been times when Noah became discouraged in his preaching because no one seemed to be paying any attention (except perhaps to ridicule him)? After all, he was human too, you know. Other great men of God became discouraged at times in their work–Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Paul–but they kept on. And that is what I was trying to encourage others to do by my comment. Again, I am sorry that it was misundertsood. (By the way, in "my church" I happen to be the "man of God" (your term) who is doing the preaching!–and I certainly believe in keeping on speaking the truth no matter what.)

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