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Schools are too costly

      In the Wed., Aug. 29, 2007, edition of The South County Journal, a free weekly local newspaper here in St. Louis County, MO, the "Town Talk" section had the following comment. "I’d like to make a comment about the cost of the school districts. Why does it cost so much money to keep kids in school? Our property taxes, casino, state and federal subsidies. Even when you go into the stores now they want to know do you want to donate money to the schools? How much does it cost to keep these kids in school? If you do buy anything for your kids to use they want you to buy extra so they can share with the other kids. Now find what the cost would be where we would send these kids to private scho ol and pay the private tuition and that includes the books. Where is all this money going? Who in the world got pockets fat enough for this money?" Interesting questions (which homeschoolers who pay for their own children’s education have been asking for years)!

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