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Homeschool Facts

I just received this e-mail today and thought that others might be interested in it.

Homeschool Facts

Free Homeschool Information

Homeschool Facts has just completed a major renovation to the website: www.Homeschoolfacts.com. Please check out the website, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Homeschool Facts is the brainchild of a consortium of homeschool parents, licensed educators, counselors and researchers. We are passionate about education choice, and especially the parent’s right to choose their child’s education.

Years ago, there was little information available, and even less homeschool support. Over the past couple of years, we have collected information about and for homeschoolers. Now, we would like to share it with you.

We will never claim to know everything there is to know about homeschooling, in fact, we continue to learn every day from all the homeschoolers we have met around the world. If you see something that doesn’t ring true, please let us know. You’re opinion counts.

Included in our new website:
   • Homeschool Support Group Listings throughout the United States – Add your own group for FREE.
   • Homeschool Friendly Colleges – Over 1400 colleges that have accepted homeschoolers
   • Best-in-Class: Opinions from subscribers about the best in homeschool curriculum, resources,      websites, and support groups.
   • State Laws: The legal issues of homeschooling, explained state-by-state.
   • … and much, much more.

Please feel free to browse our shelves, complete a survey, and contribute to this collection. If you belong to a homeschool support group, please check out our state-by-state listings and make sure your group’s information is up-to-date. All homeschool support group listings are FREE.

You can easily add or edit your own homeschool support group information. Clicking on the "list your Support group" banner will ask you for your email address. If your group already exists, it will ask you to choose a password, if it is a new listing, you can then add and edit your group information.
A major new feature: You can keep updated articles about your homeschool support group on our site. To add an article, go to: http://homeschoolfacts.com/admin. Use the e-mail address and password that you have set up. Add and update articles any time you want. Let the members of your group know they can find updated information about homeschool activities at: www.homeschoolfacts.com
Thanks, in advance, for your contributions.

The HomeschoolFacts Staff

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