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Another homeschool magazine

     Practical Homeschooling: As I’ve said before, The Old Schoolhouse is my favorite homeschool magazine, but there are other great ones available.  Issue #75 (March/April, 2007) of this wonderful homeschooling magazine, published by Mary Pride, has a couple of especially interesting articles. "Why We Chose NARHS to Create Our High School Transcripts" by Teresa Schultz-Jones is about the North Atlantic Regional High School (NAHRS), an organization founded by homeschooling father Steve Moitozo of Maine to provide evaluation of homeschoolers’ work, create a transcript, and upon fulfillment of Maine’s requirements, issue an accredited diploma. Steve spoke at the first Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo, and as chairman of the speakers committee, I came to know and appreciate him highly. Also, a "branch" of NARHS is "Home Link," an organization which was founded by April Thome and began in Washington State to provide co-op type classes for homeschoolers. There are HomeLink chapters in several places, including one here in St. Louis, and I have been teaching some of the classes. All HomeLink classes are accepted by NARHS. Somewhat related to that, the other especially interesting article was research about "Choosing a Homeschool Co-op" by Christina Magnaghi and Geneva Miller. There is other interesting information, including Sam Blumenfeld’s "Preserving American History: How History Was Taught Back Then."  Go to http://www.home-school.com to get more information or to subscribe.  Love ya’, Mary.

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