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What goes on in our schools today

     In an article headlined, "Suspensions, furor over ‘anti-gay’ shirts: Parents, students, church leaders press board for free-speech rights," WorldNetDaily.com reported on May 23, 2007, that parents, students and church leaders had packed out a school board meeting in California after more than 100 suspensions were issued to students wearing T-shirts with biblical quotations against sodomy and homosexuality. Students at San Juan High School in Citrus Heights, Calif., say they want to resolve the issue amid protests, suspensions and censorship of religious messages that have continued weeks after the school observed a national event promoted by homosexual activists, the "Day of Silence." One shirt that caused an uproar was emblazoned with, "Don’t touch God’s rainbow." The student said he wore the shirt to school because he was offended homosexual activists had stolen the biblical symbol of promise and turned it into an icon of perversion. The school district took the position that if the shirt is offensive to anyone, it cannot be worn. Because a particular message comes from the Bible, officials said, doesn’t mean it’s automatically acceptable in schools. Well, excuse me. The whole idea of the "Day of Silence" to promote homosexuality in schools is offensive to Christians, but that does not seem to stop the schools from allowing that!

      In another WorldNetDaily.com article headlined, "’Have sex, do drugs,’ speaker tells students: ‘Men with men, women and women, whatever combination you would like’" on May 21, 2007, Bob Unruh reported that a guest speaker at an assembly at Boulder High School in Colorado has told students as young as 14 to go have sex and use drugs, prompting school officials to say they will investigate. The instructions came from Joel Becker, an associate clinical professor of psychology at the University of California at Los Angeles. "I am going to encourage you to have sex and encourage you to use drugs appropriately," Becker said during his appearance at the school as part of a recent panel sponsored by the University of Colorado’s Conference on World Affairs. Why I am going to take that position is because you are going to do it anyway," he said. "I think as a psychologist and health educator, it is more important to educate you in a direction that you might actually stick to. So, I am going to stay mostly on with the sex side because that is the area I know more about. I want to encourage you to all have healthy, sexual behavior." The Boulder school review promise came from board members who were confronted by Boulder High sophomore Daphne White and her mother, Priscilla White, with their complaint about the event. Priscilla White told board members it’s inappropriate for such a message to be delivered by a public school. She was reading excerpts of the presentation to the board when board President Helayne Jones told her to stop, because the language was inappropriate. "The panel discussion was a completely irresponsible and dangerous invitation to Boulder High students to have sex and take drugs," her daughter, Daphne, told the board. Daphne, a sophomore, had been required to attend the panel called "STDs: Sex, Teens and Drugs," and accused panel members of presenting one-sided views and discrediting abstinence. No student should have been forced to be at that panel discussion, incoming Boulder Valley Supt. Chris King agreed. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly played a recording of an "unidentified male" from the conference saying: "We all experiment. It’s very natural for young people to experiment with same sex relationships. When you are 13, 12, 13, 14 certainly probably one of the most appropriate sexual behaviors would be masturbation. Even today, there are psychiatrists who will do sessions under the influence of ecstasy. If I had some maybe I’d do it with someone, but you know." The transcript obtained by WND showed those comments also were from Becker. Zelda, on her "Sleeping Ugly" blog, said parents need to be informed and candid on issues with their children. Addressing the panelists, she wrote, "You, on the other hand, could be a pervert who gets his jollies by talking about sex with minors. And another of my responsibilities as a parent is to make sure you don’t have access to my kids until I know for sure you don’t have an ulterior motive." Her conclusion? "Strike 7,867,960,071 against public education." I agree!


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