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Where are all those missing links?

          In a May 15, 2007, WorldNetDaily.com article entitled "10 things I don’t understand," Jim Rutz wrote, "The liberal media keep reminding us that only hillbillies and mindless religious fanatics deny evolution. Of course, polls keep showing that at least two-thirds of us still suspect God had something to do with the process, so there must be a lot of us hillbillies out there.   Now, microevolution is easy to accept. Those little disease bugs keep outsmarting every vaccine we throw at them. Apparently they’ve all read their Nietzsche: ‘That which does not kill me makes me stronger.’   But macroevolution, where one species morphs into another, is harder to swallow. It relies heavily on the existence of missing links – not a rare specimen or two, but hundreds of thousands of them. The hillsides should be strewn with the remains of millions of transitional life forms. Alas, our stalwart Darwinists have come up short in that department. It takes a monumental leap of dopey faith to get from protozoa to fish to Jessica Alba. Last I checked, the missing link count was hovering around zero."

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