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News items from World Net Daily

     More reasons to reject the popular culture of today and educate our children at home: On Apr. 14, 2007, WorldNetDaily.com reported that a Los Angeles artist opened an exhibit this week called "Christ Killa" in which the audience is invited to participate in a video game and shoot hordes of "homicidal Jesus Christs." Digital and video artist Eric Medine describes his work – a video game linked to projectors and TV monitors – as the "ultimate arbitration between politics and Christianity," noted Michelle Malkin. The game landscape "is filled with Googled images of Christian propaganda posters, religious shrines such as St. Peter’s in Rome, and clichéd representations of Christ who constantly mumbles messages of tolerance and compassion," says a news release. Malkin condemned the exhibit, equating it with controversial works protested as religious bigotry, such as photographer Andres Serrano’s "Piss Christ," the Brooklyn Art Museum’s Virgin Mary painting stained with elephant dung and, most recently, the canceled "Chocolate Jesus" vulgar statue slated for exhibit during Holy Week in New York City.


     Still another reason to educate children at home to protect them from the homosexual agenda: Also on Apr. 14, WorldNetDaily.com reported that a rally was planned on the steps of the Oregon Capitol as Bible-believing individuals and leaders from across the state protest the legislative plan to adopt as state law a "pagan morality" that would include public education to "eliminate attitudes" that oppose the homosexual lifestyle choice. David Crowe of Restore America ministry was publicizing the event as well as coordinating a petition against the state’s Senate Bill 2. "The law – and this is onerous – has a clause that talks about developing a program of education to change our attitudes," Crowe said. "To change our attitudes? Is it the government’s business to change attitudes? But that’s precisely what’s in the bill." He also said many questions still remain unanswered, including who defines sexual orientation and what is that definition; will pedophiles be protected; and what sexual acts will be protected. If it happens in Oregon, how long will it be happening where you live?


     More about how the homosexual agenda affects our society: Again on Apr. 14, WorldNetDaily.com reported that a billboard company in Omaha, NE, refused to sell space for an advertisement that was to promote this weekend’s "Love Won Out" conference on the issues surrounding homosexuality, scheduled by Focus on the Family, officials said. Only a few weeks ago, Clear Channel refused to accept an advertisement for the same conference when it was held in Phoenix, AZ, "Love Won Out" conference officials confirmed, so they weren’t exactly surprised. Melissa Fryrear, a speaker for the conference and director of gender issues at Focus on the Family said, "Apparently the idea of embracing a diversity of opinion is not extended to groups like ours, which offer the message that same-sex attractions can be overcome by those who are dissatisfied living homosexually." The billboard was to have featured an image of a smiling man and the words: "I Questioned Homosexuality. Change is Possible. Discover How." Officials at Focus said the company, Waitt Outdoor, rejected the ad via e-mail without explanation. When we lived in Dayton, OH, the local newspaper publisher was fired because he refused to accept a paid ad for a homosexual event.

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