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Two notes of homeschool encouragement

     A Word of Encouragement: Recently on a homeschooling e-mail list, Kathy Matthews posted the following note from a lady named Melinda. "It’s not published anywhere or anything, but I thought you would all like to hear this. My dad (Madison Avenue entrepreneur and CEO of a business credit services company) was visiting us this past weekend. In our discussion, my dad said that homeschoolers are in high demand in the business world. His clients (other big businesses) see homeschoolers as highly intelligent, capable, self-motivated and well educated. The educators might not ‘get it,’ but business and professional arenas certainly seem to!"

     And a word from a former teacher now homeschooling: The following note was posted on another homeschooling e-mail list recently. "Hello all! My name is Sheri Percell. I am a homeschooling mother of 3: Hannah (9), Adam (6), and Owen (3). We are members at the Park Forest church of Christ in nearby Baton Rouge, LA. We currently live in Denham Springs, LA, but are in the process of moving to the West Houston, TX area. In addition to homeschooling, I run a small horse boarding farm….We are members of a local homeschooling group, but we do not have any local Christian friends that homeschool. The family that my kids are closest to are actually Mormons (which makes for awkward questions sometimes!). One of our main reasons for moving is to try to find better (i.e. Christian) influences for our children. Our current congregation has very few children, and of those all but one do NOT attend regularly. We decided to homeschool before our children were born as a direct result of me being a public school teacher (foreign languages). Ugh. (Terrible, rotten, underpaid job. I still have lots of respect for those who can do it.) I didn’t want that kind of socialization for my kids!

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