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Three items–public school teachers, spanking, and evolution

     More Teacher Girls Gone Wild?: The following note appeared on the blog of Gena Suarez, co-publisher of The Old Schoolhouse magazine (http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/TOSPUBLISHER). “Remember the interview I did here with Bruce Shortt? He coined that term and man, he really nailed it. There is a sharp, upward swing in female predators lately. One of World Net Daily's editors was invited on primetime television last week discussing this very thing (I think it was FOX News). The latest accused teacher is a female from Pasadena, who allegedly began an inappropriate email relationship with a 15 year old boy, a ninth grade student. She immediately resigned when charged with online solicitation, but determinations have not yet been made as to whether her certification will be revoked. Parents, keep them home. I have a 15 year old son and I cannot imagine some 31 year old, loose woman attempting to win his affections. But “wild teacher girl” won't have that opportunity. He's home where he belongs.” [Editor's note: And all the congregation said, “Amen!” WSW.]

     And one more item on spanking: Previous blogs have had reference to a World Magazine article on spanking and response to it. This interesting letter to the editor appeared in the Oct. 7, 2006, edition. “Your article on spanking ended noting that parents 'who use the rod unbiblically, in anger, may create problems…if biblical discipline is banned' ('Rod rules,' Aug. 5). Yet Numbers relates that the Lord's anger 'burned' against Israel and so He struck them with a plague. An angry parent or a reluctant parent should ensure that each offense results in an appropriate punishment, and neither multiply it by two nor divide it by two.”

     Q: Can public schools remain religiously neutral by “deleting” Jesus? A: Not at all! Take this example from a school near Answers in Genesis. The Christmas program at this school was to be a religious musical titled “Calling All Angels.” The program included Mary, Joseph, the voice of God and numerous angels preparing for the birth of Jesus. The daughter of a prominent secular humanist wrote a letter to the music teacher that stated, “I do not think it’s fair at all to put on a religious holiday play. Not everyone is a Christian and believes that the Christmas story is true. I think that it’s wrong to promote that one religion is true, when many people do not agree.” This student had been trained by her humanist parents to protest any religion except her parents’—humanism. As a result, the musical was replaced by a secular program that glorified winter instead of Jesus. The point is, removing references to Christianity didn’t make the program neutral; instead, Christianity was replaced by the religion of humanism! Christians must realize that humanists are imposing their man-centered religion on our society and deleting the true answers from God’s Word. (from Answers Update; Sat., Oct. 7, 2006; From Answers in Genesis).

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