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another homeschooling magazine

     As I said yesterday, I subscribe to several homeschooling magazines besides TOS and usually can find something that is helpful in each of them.  Both time and money have forced me to cut down on magazine subscriptions recently, but one which I have decided to keep (I have had a couple of reviews published in it) is Homeschool Enrichment Magazine.

     The Sept./Oct., 2006, issue of Homeschool Enrichment Magazine (P. O. Box 163, Pekin, IL 61555; http://www.HomeSchoolEnrichment.com) has a number of interesting and informative articles, including Kari Lewis's editorial “A Defining Moment,” Marc and Cynthia Carrier's “The Essence of Christian Parenting,” Amy Puetz's “History and Heritage” column on “The Legacy of Alvin York,” Ray and Gale Lawson's “Profiles in Christianity and Science” column on “Athanasius Kircher,” Kym Wright's “Everything in Its Place” column on “Preparation and Organization: Keys to a Successful School Year,” Deb Turner's “High School” column on “Meeting God's Requirements for Our Children,” Tara Ross's “A More Perfect Union: Why Understanding the Constitution Is Vital to Preserving Our Liberties,” Dena Wood's “Education Through Imagination,” Kathleen Trauger's excellent “Does He Need Socialization?: Why Homeschooling Is the Best Answer to the Problem of Good Socialization,” Dana Hanley's “Declaring His Power to the Next Generation,” and the always interesting Ruth Beechick's “Puritans and the Classical Curriculum,” along with Vickie Farris's question and answer column and several “Closer Look” reviews. While the magazine is always good, this issue seemed especially encouraging.

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