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Other voices heard from about spanking

      In a previous blog, I had a note about an article, “Rod Rules,” in the Aug. 5, 2006, issue of World Magazine on spanking that began with an advertisement for flexible nylon spanking rods in Home School Digest, told about a homeschooling mother who objected so she founded an anti-spanking organization, and ended up in my opinion sounding like it compromised the Biblical teaching on corporal punishment. Home School Digest editor Skeet Savage wrote in the Sept. 2/9, 2006, issue of World, “Our publication has received hundreds of hateful, profane, and sometimes threatening calls and e-mails from anti-spanking advocates because of our long-standing support of loving, restrained, biblical discipline of children. 'Rod rules' does not sufficiently expose the angry and abusive nature of the humanistic no-spank movement and the desire of its leaders to undermine the authority of Scripture and strip parents of their biblical responsibility to use the rod in a proper manner.” Well said, Mrs. Savage! Of five other letters to the editor on the subject, three seemed to be anti-spanking. However, one public school teacher wrote, “I have seen the results of the lack of proper discipline in homes and schools. Time-outs, missed recess, in-school suspensions, or reasoning with the child rarely effectively change the children. Corporal punishment is not the answer to all behavior problems, but it should be administered occasional in a biblical, loving way.” And another person said, “I was spanked as a child by my parents. It never endangered my life or did permanent damage, yet the anti-spanking movement wants the authority to take kids away from their parents if they spank them? Preposterous!”

One thought on “Other voices heard from about spanking

  1. it is as simple as black & white. What does the Bible say? people want to claim that they don’t believe in it as an excuse because thay just don’t want to do it. if they would trust in the Lord that He knows what is best and administer it appropriately, you would see some positive changes in behavior and attitude. children are designed for discilpline (even the spanking) and they know when something is missing from the guidance they receive. it is our responsibilty to raise our children, and God give us a handbook that cannot fail-but it is up to us how well we follow His directions.

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