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two quick items

     Florida College: I am a proud alumnus and supporter of Florida College, a small, private college in Temple Terrace, FL, dedicated to a Biblical worldview. This does not mean that I agree with everything that goes on at the college or that I approve of everything that it has done, but from my experience there from 1972 to 1974 and what others who have been there since have told me, it is a far sight better than what young people will experience on secular and even many “religious” college campuses. In the “Class Notes” (related to the lives and activities of alumni) section of the Summer, 2006, issue of FC Magazine, under the decade of 1980, the following item appeared. “Shane and Gwen (Vetzel) Vaughan '88, live in Tampa and worship with the Livingston Avenue congregation. After 15 years of marriage, they have three children: Kirk (13), Kylie (11), and Tara (6), all homeschooled.”

     I don't know whether I think that this is funny or not, but I suppose it is: The 7/28/06 panel for the newspaper cartoon “Marmaduke” by Brad Anderson, which has always been one of my favorites, shows Marmaduke (for those of you who do not know, Marmaduke is a large Great Dane) and his owner fast asleep on the couch. The owner's wife is explaining to a friend, “He never learned any tricks. Phil home-schooled him.”

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