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Adventures In Our World

     I recently received the following notice: “Adventures In Our World would like to invite you to send things in to be published. We are now taking the following things for the next issue: Stories, Jokes, Drawings, Photographs, Calendar reminders, including birthdays and anniversaries, Recipes, Poems, Book Club stuff, Top Picks stuff, Class information, Event information, Meeting information, Homeshool Friendly business ads (if you have an idea or suggestion just let us know and we'll contact the business), Announcements, Or just about anything else you would like to add! All regions/states are welcome! We now have a section for each state/region for announcements, class, ads and meetings. You are able to access this area through the Parent Directory. The Kid's Directory will stay the same. We also take Parent submissions for stories, jokes and etc. If you would like to send something to us via email, you are welcome to put it in either a TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, or JPEG file. JPEG files are best for photographs. TIFF and PNG are best for drawings and stories. If it's a joke or recipe or something like that you can just send it in email. You are welcome to use one of two of the email addresses below: admin@adventuresinourworld.com ; lilwampus@yahoo.com. OR Snail Mail to: Adventures In Our World eMagazine, PO Box 1367, Crestwood, KY 40014-1367. If you have any questions at all send us your telephone number and we will call you, if you are in the United States. To view the magazine just click on the link below: http://www.adventuresinourworld.com/index.html . Thank you! Have a wonderful day! Nate, Nicholas and Bev.”

     Then a little later I also received the related message: “Adventures In Our World eMagazine, August Issue (#05) is all ready for YOU! To check it out go below:

http://www.adventuresinourworld.com/ .

If you would like to add something just email admin@adventuresinourworld.com .”

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