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     Having just visited several museums in Chicago, IL, and seen firsthand all the claims by evolutionists, I thought that this answer to the above question from Answers in Genesis was especially interesting.

     “We would expect to see abundant evidence in the science museums of Washington D.C., London and so on. However, as we have visited these museums and looked in the glass cases at what scientists have actually found, we’ve never seen any evidence for evolution. The interesting thing is that the so-called evidence is pasted on the glass case—it’s the printed text on the display! But this isn’t evidence; it’s a scientist’s story about the past. For example, distinct kinds of animals and plants are displayed inside these glass cases—not transitional forms. There’s no real evidence for evolution at all. Even a senior fossil expert at the British Museum of Natural History in London once admitted that they didn’t have any undisputed transitional forms showing one kind of animal changing into another. These 'gaps' in the fossil record overwhelmingly support the creation account. God created—just as the Bible says.”

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