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Homeschooling in World

      The July 15, 2006, issue of World Magazine has an article about controversy at Patrick Henry College, founded by and especially for homeschoolers. I have no dog in that particular hunt, but based on what I have seen and read in World and other places, I appreciate those who are trying to keep a college as close to Biblical teaching as possible, and when professors begin criticizing such efforts as “lack of academic freedom” red flags start going up all over the place for me. Also, there was a letter in response to a previous article about the call for Southern Baptists to leave the public schools. “I am picturing America without Christians in the public schools and see a very dark and lonely place. We should be working harder to make sure there are Christians in our schools. I don't think Jesus stayed away from the difficult places or people.” No one that I know of is suggesting that mature, adult Christians who are well grounded in the truth should not go into public schools as a “mission field” to be teachers and administrators that they might exercize a good influence, as long as they do not have to compromise their principles to do so. No, Jesus did not stay away from the difficult places or people, but He certainly did NOT send small children into those places to be “salt and light.” He did not send even His apostles out into the world until He had thoroughly trained and prepared them first.

One thought on “Homeschooling in World

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog regarding books. I often find so called classic books stink. How is it they ever become classics if they are so awful/boring/dull? There are a number of books I want to read simply to find out what all the fuss is about. Catcher in the Rye for instance. I’ve heard that many serial killers and assassins (or would be assassins) have been found to love the book. Why? I’ve got to read it for myself to find out, but since I am neither a serial killer or assasin I don’t suppose it would be immediately apparent to me. LOL.
    I’m glad you posted the homeschool song, I’ve never seen that before. We all had a good laugh!

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