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Cardboard Kids

Wayne Walker here with an interesting note:

     In the January, 2006, issue of my free, e-mail homeschooling newsletter, reference was made to an episode of the television show “Wife Swap” in which one of the swapped wives was a homeschooling mother. On a homeschooling e-mail list here in Missouri, Rhyah Fletcher reported the following. “My husband and I were watching TV last night and saw an episode of that show Talk Soup. Anyway they were talking about this show Wife Swap…we don't watch it so not sure what it is. But anyway there was a mom on there that homeschools her kids, but I guess the kids in that family she had to stay with went to school so this woman cut out cardboard kids and pretended to play a game of cards with them. Did any of you see this? I thought it was funny but at the same time I thought it was also ammunition for all anti-homeschoolers to think homeschooling families are really wack. My husband has been trying to get me to agree to put Gavin in school next year but after he saw this he was like keep homeschooling…I don't want to come home to cardboard kids sitting around the table. I told him that just shows how passionate homeschooling families are……I said when teachers have a day off they don't cut out cardboard students and pretend to teach……we are dedicated LOL!”

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