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An on-line educational service

       The Cram School: I received the following letter, dated January 28, 2006, from the English Cram School, 1311 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 610, Honolulu, HI 96814, addressed to “Dear Homeschooler.” Please understand that I do not necessarily endorse this but am simply passing this information on.

     “We would like to give the members of your organization access to free language skills curriculum in exchange for feedback on its effectiveness. We have developed a series of products for homeschool students and need help in testing the material in the final stages of its development. The curriculum includes courses in grammar, writing, handwriting, spelling, reading, and vocabulary. Our goal is to place the curriculum on-line so that parents can have easy access at minimal cost.

     “All of the lessons have been posted on http://www.englishcramschool.com. All the parents have to do is go to the website, read the instructions and start using the material. We will be able to tell how many people visit the site, how long they stay, and how many pages they visit. This will give us the important statistics we need to determine if the site will pay for itself through advertising.

     “We do not require feedback from everyone who uses the site. However, those who want to respond may send their comments directly to Dennis Brooks at cramschool@mac.com and report errors, misinformation, and problems with navigation. Or your members can use the site and let you know what they think about it. Then you can send a report telling us what they think about using the site as a resource. That will be good enough for us, and it will help keep the volume of e-mail down.

     “If we can generate a high enough volume of traffic to the site, we will continue to keep the site open and provide resources to homeschoolers for free. If we cannot generate enough income from sponsors, we will have to start charging for site visits. In the meantime, we plan to keep the site open and give free access throughout 2006.

     “The curriculum has been tested by a large number of homeschoolers, who gave suggestions and recommendations. We made the changes and now we are testing the material on a larger scale. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

     “Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Dennis Brooks, CramSchool President; Phone: (808) 593-2726 (kyd-cram); http://www.englishcramschool.com.”

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