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A discouraging word on “religion” in the public schools

Wayne Walker with another note from the Jan., 2006, issue of my free e-mail homeschooling newsletter:


     According to USA Today on Dec. 20, 2005, a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled Tuesday that teaching “intelligent design” to public school science classes is unconstitutional, calling the concept that parts of the universe are the result of an intelligent designer “a religious view.” This was the result of the case in Dover, PA, where the school board had mandated teaching intelligent design then was ousted in the November elections. These kinds of statement absolutely infuriate me. Why are people, including judges who you might think would be intelligent, unable to see that teaching that the universe came from nothing and man evolved through purely natural processes, as is commonly taught in public schools, is also “a religious view.” I hate to sound pessimistic, and I still encourage people to fight, but I am quickly reaching the conclusion that Bible believers have lost the culture war, especially in the public schools. And that is one reason why I am homeschooling!

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