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Christmas and public schools

Wayne Walker here with another item adaptd from a note that appears in the Jan., 2006, issue of my free, e-mail monthly homeschooling newsletter.


     American Family Association reported the following information. In Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Ridgeway Elementary School's “winter program” has changed the name of “Silent Night” to “Cold in the Night.” Sung to the tune of “Silent Night,” the lyrics include: “Cold in the night, no one in sight, winter winds whirl and bite, how I wish I were happy and warm, safe with my family out of the storm.” The “winter program” included decorating classrooms with Santa Claus, Kwanza symbols, Menorahs, and Labafana–a Christmas witch! Also in Wisconsin, the Glendale-River Hills School District has banned every Christmas song which has any Christian “motive or theme.” But while banning Christian Christmas songs, the district permits secular holiday songs as well as songs celebrating Hanukkah. In defending this policy, Frances Smith, the district administrator, says that the Hanukkah songs are more cultural than spiritual. What these schools are doing to our children is not educating, but indoctrinating! And they are using Christmas as an excuse. Following the lead of the National Educational Association, Wisconsin educational leaders preach tolerance and diversity while being highly intolerant! Most of the residents of Wisconsin are tolerant, but not their educational leaders. Banning nativity scenes. Banning Christmas songs in school. Banning Christmas in advertising. Calling a Christmas tree a “holiday” tree. Calling a Christmas parade a holiday parade….It is time to take a stand for our children, our families, our faith and our freedom! Educational leaders in your state could be the next officials to join this anti-Christian bigotry parade. Note–I do not cite this information necessarily to promote or encourage the religious celebration of Christmas. As I have stated in other places, my family and I, as well as many other New Testament Christians, do not observe Christmas as the birthday of Christ. However, many people do and such has become a part of our nation's cultural heritage. What I do oppose is the systematic attempt to remove all reference to anything seen as “Christian” because it is “religious” (whether I happen to agree with it personally or not) yet allow pagan (Wicca) symbols, Hannukah celebrations, and the religion of secular humanism. Even though we do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, it does not offend me in the least that others do.  Truly this is intolerance in the name of tolerance!

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